Exercise and Losing Weight for Life

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Do you ever feel like you are working out so hard and nothing seems to happen. You can’t seem to lose that last few pounds, increase that bench press or tighten up those triceps. Why? 

Why do doctors only recommend that you take antibiotics for a short period of time? The only are affective for a short while because the body builds up an immune system to them. One of the biggest mistakes we have all made in our quest for good health is to get in our comfort zone and do the same old workout routine and eating plan. Guess what? Your body adapts to these daily routines and gets bored and stale.  

Exercise and losing weight is a constant pushing of your bodies mental and physical potentials. Arnold Swartzneggar once said, “Life is about the last three reps of an exercise.” In order to get anything out of it, you have to push yourself.  

This is hard to explain, but after about ten weeks on the same workout plan and after eating the same foods at each meal, the body adapts and the heart rates go down and the muscles are not overloaded anymore. What is the answer then?  

If you learn no other key to weight loss or exercising learn this: you have to constantly shock your body into progressing. If you can keep you body from getting use to things you will have a better chance of losing weight and keeping longevity into your workout.  

However, this will take some thinking ahead on your part. If you start getting edgy, poor sleeping patterns, soreness or any other unusual aches this is probably what is happening. Try to avoid the number one mistake people make in allowing your body to figure out what your game plan is. Do this and you will consistently see progress.


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