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  Why the Buzz Around Teespring?  

Recently there seems to be a huge buzz around If you are wondering why, you aren’t alone. The answer is – entrepreneurs around the world have been quick to recognize a new opportunity to make money. In fact, if you want to learn the best ways to make money online, then surround yourself with those people that are doing just that.

What is Teesrping?

Teespring is a unique service that lets you create campaigns based on shirts you design, then presell those shirts using their site. As long as your sales hit the threshold you set, your shirts will be printed and then shipped to the customers. Buyers aren’t charged until your shirt campaign reaches its sales threshold, also referred to as your goal. If you fall short on your goal then the campaign ends with no shirts printed or shipped and no buyers charged any monies.

You design your shirt and create your campaign and you do this easily within a 10 minute window. Of course, you need to have an idea of what you want on your shirt and how you want it to look. These preliminary steps can take longer. The minimum number of shirts that you can set your threshold at is 10, but the higher you set your goal the more money you will make per sale.

If it is successful, Teespring will pay you using Paypal as soon as your campaign ends and all the shirts are printed. It usually takes only a couple of days after the campaign ends for you to see your profits appear in your Paypal account.

What’s so unique about this opportunity is that you do not have to lay out any cash to put yourself into business. This quite literally is an entrepreneurs dream. This all thanks to taking the crowd funding fundamental practices in a new direction.

For a long time, crowd funding was linked directly to charities and non profits, along with others trying to raise money for a cause, such as starving children, cruelty to pets, a specific person, etc. Then crowd funding grew to include entrepreneurial ideas attempting to get their products off the ground. In recent years music and film have also started using crowd funding, so the concept makes great sense. Teespring is just another venue where crowd funding can be applied in an easy and effective way that allows users to generate income without expenses and at it’s become very effective with many making thousands of dollars in just a short time. Now that’s why there’s a buzz around teespring.

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