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  Use Teeview to Determine the Hottest Selling Tshirts  

Teespring has become one of the biggest buzz words recently, thanks to the amount of money that it can potentially earn for you. Whether you are a company, a charity, an non profit, an individual, etc. Teespring offers you the opportunity to create and sell t-shirts without investing any money and Teeview helps you to see what’s selling and what’s not.

Have you always thought it would be cool if you could sell t-shirts with those crazy sayings that just pop into your head? Do you have a cause you’d like to promote awareness for? Are you looking to generate some cash for your charity or non profit? Great news! Here’s your chance. Teespring offers a unique crowdfunding opportunity to make money.

In a nutshell, it works like this. You come up with your idea and then design your t-shirt either using the many design tools the site provides or on your own from scratch. Once you’ve designed your t-shirt you are ready to do some crowdfunding. You decide how many you need to sell. If you meet your goal, will print and ship your orders and then they’ll send you a check for the profits. It does not get any simpler.

The trouble is, most of us think we have great ideas and then later find out someone else already had that idea or no one else liked your great idea. That’s where Teeview can really help you. On this site you can search to see what’ selling what isn’t, what’s the most popular, what’s the most popular for a specific keyword, etc. Teeview gathers t-shirt Facebook and Twitter campaigns for Teespring and then displays this data in one central place.

You can view just those campaigns that are active right now or all campaigns. You can also look at just those that reached their goal, those who have the best selling numbers, and the latest campaigns that have been added. It’s handy and certainly helpful. It can help you make better decisions of what product is most likely to be successful.

Teespring provides opportunities that are refreshingly new and simple. If you have a t-shirt idea and you don’t have any working capital, it suddenly doesn’t matter. Now you can see if the world likes your idea, based on the number of t-shirts you are able to move through crowdfunding. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, especially when you combine it with Teeview for some great information.

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