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  Teespring Launches Using Crowdfunding  

Today’s business platform looks a lot different than a decade or two ago. In fact, if 20 years ago you had told someone that they not only would be selling their wares through the internet but that they could raise operating capital for an idea without going through their bank, they would have thought you were just a tad nutty. Yet today, both of those concepts are alive and well.

Crowdfunding is simply the collection of finances from backers that are not a financial organization or institute – the crowd – that are willing to fund an idea, a cause, or a platform. This generally involved an internet platform of some kind. It could be a non profit such as a school, political such as backing a candidate, charitable such as emergency funds for someone that is sick, commercial such as selling a new product or financial such as startup funds for a company.

Crowdfunding involves two or more participants over the internet that participate in providing funds for a project or idea. The crowd of people support the proposal at hand. Crowdfundings roots go back to the idea of crowdsourcing, which is the broader idea where a person reaches a financial goal by receiving small contributions from a number of parties. It has been used a great deal in music and film.

Teespring provides a great deal of flexibility for clients to generate income either for non profits or for profit businesses. For example, From Quarks to Quasars is a non profit education organization that’s running a Crowd funding campaign that involves the purchase of one of the teespring tees.

What offers is a way to crowdfund custom apparel hassle free. You can launch your campaign, set your goal, add your description and start. Launching a campaign is completely free because the production and distribution of your product is paid for by your buyers. There are no upfront costs.

If your campaign doesn’t reach its original sales goal, but it is profitable based on the amount sold, Teespring will still go ahead and produce your products for that campaign and it will be considered successful. You will be charged for your order and it will be delivered. However, if the campaign doesn’t reach its sales goal and is not considered profitable, Teespring simply cancels the order.

Teespring has come up with an innovative way to sell tees that benefits a lot of people. That’s the beauty of an online business platform.

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