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  How to Create a Successful Design to Market on Teespring  

If you have the entrepreneur spirit chances are there’s been more than one occasion when you’ve come up with an idea that you are certain would make money, but trouble was, you didn’t have the working capital to get it off the ground. That’s where is different. Here’s a chance to put your ideas to the test without investing a penny. You simply create a t-shirt design that you think will be a success and then use crowdfunding principles to see if you were right.

Bottom line is the design of your shirt. Poor design means you don’t get the outcome you anticipated. It definitely a terrific platform for artists to create a revenue stream. The production pricing will vary depending on the design. If you aren’t artistic and you still want to create a t-shirt and get in on the action, you might consider teaming up with someone that is.

Don’t forget to ask your fans or customers what they’d like to see in a shirt. Post various versions of your t-shirt design to your Facebook page and see what your fans think is the best pick. You will design the t-shirt using teespring’s simple to use platform. This includes choosing colors, styles, adding your graphics or text and then tweaking to perfection. You can create mock ups until you find the right combination of graphics and color. You can experiment in a number of ways to ensure that you perfect the t-shirt you are going to sell. Once you have the design you want to use in place, the production of the t-shirt is really quite simple.

Follow the steps to taking your t-shirt crowdfunding campaign live and then you need to be working on your marketing plan. You will need to set the correct tone and think about sending out your message to anyone that is on your mailing list. You can use Facebook and other social media platforms to create the kind of campaign you want and to bring in potential customers. In fact, if you have more than one design and you’d like to determine which to go with try split market testing. It’s a handy tools.
Everything you need to create your marketing campaign is available on teespring. You set the goals and if your goals are met then teespring will print your shirts, mail them to the buyers, and then send you the profits check. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Is your idea ready to make you money?

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