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  How You Can Make Money with Your Teespring Campaign  

If you’ve heard the buzz around Teespring and the earnings people are generating, your curiosity may have been peaked, and rightfully so. It seems that has become the latest how way to make money! If you are wondering how the heck this works and how you can get in on the action, you’ve come to the right place.
Of course, it all begins with a good idea! Once you have what you think is a great idea for a t-shirt, you can go over to Teeview and see how that fits with what’s already out there. You can also take advantage of split testing.

Split Testing is a great way to find out what key ingredients are going to be successful. You can split test for sex, age, area, culture, and tons of other breakdowns. What you test for will in large depend on what your t-shirt is about.  Facebook ad campaigns are a great way to test your market, because these ads are very affordable.

Now the key here is that you will want to create three or four different designs and then test each of them to see which generates the most interest and that should tell you what t-shirt you should be designing your campaign around.

When you think you’ve got the right idea to move forward, you’ll need to design your shirt. Once your shirt is designed, it’s time to create your campaign and get busy making money.

So how does the making money part work? Glad you asked. It’s a kind of crowdfunding. What happens is you design your shirt and then you decide on the parameters that will class it as a successful campaign. For example, you must sell x number of units. If you reach your goal then teespring goes ahead and prints the t-shirts and also ships them for you. Then, they send you a check for the profits. Are you visualizing just why this could be a very profitable venture.

Your only role in the entire process is to come up with a great idea and then design the shirt. After that, teespring takes over. If your campaign is not successful then no shirts are printed and no payments are kept.

The better your ideas, the more money you can make. It’s a great way for non profits and charitable organizations to raise funds and it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to create an income flow. It’s certainly a win-win for everyone involved.

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