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  How to Create a Teespring Ad Campaign That Works  

When it comes to Facebook and the options available to you to sell goods, the sky is the limit. The site is one of the most visited in the entire world and it is able to categorize its workers so well that you can put your message right in front of the people you want to see it. This makes it very easy to sell just about anything.

When you combine the power of Facebook with one of the favorite online money makers – – you are setting yourself up to generate a nice revenue flow. Let’s talk about that more.

Teespring is pretty straight forward. You design a tee using their online designer, set your goal, set your price and then launch your campaign. This is where you will send your supporters to buy your tee. Then you’ll spread the word by sharing your campaign page. You will collect pre-orders that go towards your goal.  Once you reach your goal you will continue to sell tees until your campaign ends. Once it’s over teespring will print and ship your shirts and then send you a check for the profits.

That’s the basic platform, but you can really take your sales over the top if you use Facebook. If you already have a fan page why not create a t-shirt that fits that niche. If you don’t already have a fan page then decide what your designs going to be about and then create a page that fits.

It’s important for you to understand how buzz niches work and how to find quality traffic. Create your campaign today and start making money tomorrow. You can have as many campaigns as you want running at one time. For example, November is known as mo-vember for men’s prostate cancer awareness. This would be a great time to create a shirt around this buzz. February is Valentines this would a great time to create a shirt around that buzz. You get the idea. You need to take whatever the current buzz is and create a t-shirt that will fit that buzz – that’s how you generate money.

In addition, check out the competition before you do anything. Look at what t-shirt designs are working and which are not. You can do this at Teeview. This is a site that shows all of the new Teespring campaigns that have been created and who is enjoying the most sales.

Teespring has created an opportunity for those that can think outside the box to make some serious money. Is that you?

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