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  Teespring Provides Fundraising Opportunities  

Teespring has certainly been getting a great deal of attention recently simply because of its unique crowd funding platform. It definitely provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want  make some money without investing any. But it does more. It provides another unique opportunity for fundraising for those organizations that have a cause they want to raise funds for.

You see is crowd funding with a little different spin. That means whether you want to raise $50, $500 or $5000 for your cause, you have the opportunity to do through the sale of shirts you design yourself.

The site provides you with all the tools you need to create and design the t-shirt you are going to sell. Once you’ve done that you’ll set up your campaign. You get to decide what your threshold or goal is going to be. You decide what you feel is a goal you can achieve and then that’s where you go.

Remember, this is an important decision, just like with other types of crowd funding, because if you don’t make your goal, you don’t make your money. In this case what happens is individuals buy the t-shirt you offer, but their payment is not processed until you have reached your goal. Therefore there’s never a worry of refunds having to occur.

If you set your goal wisely and you make your goal, then purchases are processed, shirts are produced and distributed and within just a couple of days of your campaign closing, you will receive a check for the profits. It’s that simple.

If you aren’t sure what design’s going to be successful you can always run some test projects to see where you get the most interest and then go with that design. Take your time design a campaign that works and let your charity or non profit enjoy the fundraising benefits of this unique platform.

Remember, you can run more than one campaign at a time if you like, so it is really all up to you as to how you want to make this all come together. Teespring certainly provides the tools you will need to make that happen and without the worry of having to spend any of your organizations funds. This in itself can scare one off from participating in such venues.

While there are a number of different crowd funding options you can use, the fact that this one is associated with a person receiving product makes it easier to get individuals to part with their money. Why not take advantage of it today?

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