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  Crowd Funding and TeeSpring - How They Connect is a website where you can create and sell your own t-shirts. Crowd funding is simply the collection of finances from backers that are not a financial organization or institute – the crowd – that are willing to fund an idea, a cause, or a platform. So how does a t-shirt company and crowd funding come to be bed partners? Glad you asked, because you’ll have to agree that this is a very unique and interesting platform.

Teespring operates by way of crowd funding. In other words, you design your t-shirt(s) and then you create your campaign. Your campaign is based on the rules of crowd funding. You will decide on just what your goal is going to be. Rather than deciding on how much money in donations is your goal, you’ll decide the dollar value in sales that will be your goal.

If you reach your Teespring campaign goal then your orders will be processed, your customer payments will be taken, shirts will be printed and shipped. Within just a few days you will receive your check for the profits. However, if you do not make your goal then customer payments are not processed, shirts are not printed and no shipping occurs. You will also not receive a check.

You can see how this is rather a unique spin on the use of crowd funding. What makes it so unique is that it can be used by those looking to fundraise or just as easily be an eager entrepreneur that wants to make a few dollars. Anyone can take advantage of the site.

It’s important that you give your shirt design some thought because at the end of the day you need to sell those shirts in order to generate profits for you. If you don’t feel you are artistic enough, consider getting someone to help you so that you land up with the very best product you can.

When you getting rolling with your crowd funding you should also take time to pitch your story. What is your organization about, why are they raising money, how will that money help, what will is your goal in order to have a successful campaign. If you are fundraising make sure that you tell potential supporters everything you can to get them to participate.

This is a great opportunity to bring teespring and crowd funding into the same arena. Why not give it a try?

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