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  Building Your Teespring Campaign Itís as Easy as 1, 2, 3  

If you have not yet hear about Teespring, it’s time you did. is a unique crowd funding site that let’s you create, design and sell shirts without ever spending money to get started. So what’s the catch? Well it’s really pretty straight forward – make your goal you are paid the profits; don’t make your goal and you get nothing.

You start by designing a t-shirt. You can use the many designer tools that the site provides. Then you will need to set your price. After that you will set your goal (this is how many you have to sell to have a successful campaign) and then you begin to sell. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How can this company do this? Well, it is because they have revolutionize the shirt manufacturing industry. Their system is almost all automated and t-shirt manufacturing until not so long ago was thought to be a very labor intense project. This also reflected higher pricing on these shirts. Now thanks to the automated shirt systems teespring can wholesale to you for much less and that means you can ask less. This typically translates into more sales. You can see why this is a win win for everyone involved.

But didn’t stop there. They also automated the shipping process using custom software designed especially for them. Thus, cutting production costs even more. It’s pretty exciting. Every day new jobs are assigned to the printer. The number of jobs in the queue is based on what the printer is able to handle at that time. Each job is unique as to the amount of resources needed to carry out the job.

Shipping labels have always been one of those tasks that are a bit of a pain. So, Teespring want to automate it, but even automation proved to be a pain, because domestic and international addresses are handled differently. For a long period of time one full time developer did nothing but fix address inputs until they finally got it resolved and running smoothly.

Teespring offers you the opportunity to sell as many or as few shirts as you can in a 24 hour period. When Evan and Walker first started they sold more than 300 shirts in the first 24 hours they were open. They knew instantly they had found a winner and they ran with it. Now you get to enjoy those same benefits and the opportunity to make tons of money awaits you.

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