How Different Color Schemes Can Impact Sales on Your Website

While most people may not realize it, marketing and psychology are closely related. The most successful marketing campaigns apply customer psychology. On the surface, it’s a simple concept. If you understand how the customer’s mind works, you can use certain triggers to help you generate a profit. One of the most important psychological factors you need to consider is color. Keep it in mind when you’re: branding your company logo designing Read More

Why Ranking #1 on Google Is Bad for Your ROI (And What to Focus on Instead)

Ranking first on Google has become a lifelong pursuit for many marketers. It’s become the gold standard of search engine optimization. It’s the marketing dream. If only you could show your buddies or boss that you’re ranking first, you’d feel like a success. You want to rank #1 for your most desired, high-volume keyword. You want to capture thousands upon thousands of visitors from a single search every month. Ranking first Read More

Stop Obsessing: Here Are 7 Areas Where Perfectionism Hinders Good Writing [Infographic]

Not long after I began working at HubSpot, my manager introduced me to a term that was new to me: analysis paralysis.

How had I never heard of this concept before? I was certainly familiar with what it described: the paralyzing nature of habitually over-analyzing one’s work in an unrealistic quest for it to be perfect.

Breaking news: No one’s work is perfect. Okay, maybe Beyoncé’s is. But mine certainly isn’t.Download our free guide here for tips to become a better writer. 

It’s one thing to hold yourself to high standards. As marketers, we all know a thing or two about tearing something down and starting it from scratch again and again because there’s something about it that’s just not quite there. 

The problem is, as marketers, we also enjoy streamlined processes. And analysis paralysis? Well, that ain’t it, folks — especially when it comes to writing.

Luckily, the talented Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing is here to help. Not only has she identified seven key areas of the writing process where our perfectionism tends to get the best of us, but she also compiled it into this extremely helpful — not to mention, adorable — infographic that explains simple ways to overcome it.


free guide to writing well

free guide to writing well