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  Avoid Ruining Your First Draft  

You’ve been working hard on your first draft of your ebook and the last thing you want to do is have it fall apart now. After all, you’ve got time and energy involved – and if you are being honest, you are likely getting excited about your creation. So let’s look at some things you need to avoid or it can put your first draft in jeopardy.

#1 Assume You Know What Format is Best for Your Ebook
Even if you have an end goal in mind, make sure that you review all of your option once you are done. An ebook can start as one thing and land up being something completely different. For example, you might have began writing an ebook to use as an incentive to increase your subscriptions but by the time you are done you realize you have written a premium ebook that belongs in Amazon. If you aren’t considering all of your options you could miss this opportunity.There are a number of publication options and you should know what they are so that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

#2 Pamper Your Procrastinator and Perfectionist Personalities
Quality is important but if you are now proofreading your draft for the eigth time and you are spending 30 minutes deciding on whether you need to put a comma there, you are wasting valuable time. Even books that come from a major publishers have the occasional error. Most will never notice that comma that’s been misplaced. To stop yourself from doing this creates a deadline that you will edit under.

#3 Don’t Use the First Title You Think Of
It’s your ebook, don’t give into the temptation to use the first title that comes to mind – it deserves far more than that. You need to come up with a title that is compelling and interesting – one that tweaks your potential readers' interest. Hash it out with a friend. Write down a handful of potential titles and most importantly, do not pick the final title until the book is written. You’ll be surprised at just how it changes from your original idea.

Completing your first draft is an exciting feeling, but do remember it is just that – your draft. Don’t be afraid to make changes, add other content, remove content, etc. This is what drafts are all about. And by keeping these three important points in mind you’ll avoid ruining your first draft.

Liking Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are easy to set up, with a step-by-step process that guides you clearly through creation and all your options [...]


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