Why is FB great for marketing?

Facebook has been around for over a decade now and isthe most used social media platform to this day.This huge and diverse audience makes it a great playground for marketers who are looking to drive traffic to their websiteor affiliate offers.

In recent years Facebook has been experiencing a trend of older users joining the platform, raising the average user age significantly. This is generally beneficial to us as marketers because older generations have more disposable income and are less sophisticated when it comes to technology. This means that often they are easier to sell to.While Twitter is also a huge social platform is doesn’t have the same group and page system that Facebook has. These groups are amazing from a marketing perspective because your target audience is making  super obvious that they are affiliated with a certain product or activity. Marketers of the past had to try and guess their audience; we have the luxury of them”tagging” themselves with certain labels to allow us to market to them.Facebook also has a very intuitive ad system. Compared to platforms like AdWords, Facebooks Ad center is extremely easy to use and friendly to beginners. Just as groups and pages outline niches, Facebooks ad system allows you to segment audiences and focus in on the exact kind of person who is likely to want your product or system.

This is great for marketing because it increases our efficiency substantially, by reducing the money we waste on people who simply won’t be interested in our offering.

The large amount of information that each Facebook user puts online is something that we as marketers should be making use of. Each piece of information tells us something more about our customers and allows us to build up a clear image of our most common and ideal customers. This means that we can then adapt our offering to them and improve our conversion rate. With more and more people joining Facebook each day it’s not surprising that marketers are keeping Facebook at the top of their priority list when it comes to social media. While newer platforms like Twitter and Pinterest offer a completely different connection with your audience, the vast amount of information that Facebook users upload is unparalleled. Facebook will be one of the best marketing platforms for many years to come, so if you haven’t got your Facebook “game” down yet , then you better start now.

Jouseph Gourkoow

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