Most businesses fail for one simple reason.

They are more focused on what they want than what the customers want. They focus almost exclusively on their revenues, their credentials and other things that won’t help them make more money.

What do customers want?

Customers want results


Not credentials, not expertise, but results.

Those help but think about it. Who would you rather have if you could choose? A guy with great credentials who doesn’t get you results or a guy with low credentials who gets you the results you want?

Anyone would choose the person with less impressive credentials who gets them results. If you can’t yet prove that you can get someone great results through testimonials or proof that you have yourself then you are going to need to give someone a big promise of results and a great guarantee so that you can start getting some testimonials.

Then you are going to have to deliver on your promise with an excellent product. People want you to solve their problem. They don’t want to hear constant long-winded stories about you and how cool you are.

Tons of business owners go that route and customers leave their business because they are forgetting a hugely important fundamental of success in business.

Customers care about what you can do for them, not how cool you think you are. Throwing in stories occasionally is fine and makes things more personable but if you do it too much people get put off by it.

It Starts With the Customer’s Wants and Needs


Success in business always starts from the same foundation no matter what market you are in. It starts with the customer’s wants and needs.

For example, if you are in the Golf market then your customers are going to want to lower their golf score, improve their driving distance, improve their putting and many other things. You can specifically target any one of these needs and drill down to a specific niche. Your conversions will be much higher since you aren’t being general and telling people things like “I’ll make you a better golfer”.

You will be speaking to their specific needs and desires. If you were in the putting niche for example, your message could be something like “how to become a world class putter in 30 days or less.”

So, you would want to give them content and products that help deliver that result for them.

So next time you are designing something for your business such as a product or content ask yourself the following. “What do our customers want more than anything else?” And then go and give it to them. They will thank you for it.