Jacob McMillen

10 Copywriting Tips You Think You Know (But You’re So Very Wrong)

]Do you know Copywriting? Think again and read this article from  Content manager  and  Digital Careerist  Jacob McMillen     Copywriting is the focal point of conversion rate optimization. It’s the glue that holds the conversion funnel together.   Without copywriting, your business has… well, nothing. Unfortunately, most people (and dare I say most copywriters) are just awful at writing copy. They can tell you all the right principles and even Read More

Getting Started With Amazon – Part 2

  In Getting Started Making Money With Amazon Part 1, we walked through the steps up until finding your web hosting. Now let’s look at the final steps to getting started. 6. Install the blog software – Why blog software? Because it will provide with the necessary structure to make it easy for you to run an effective site and post new content easily. WordPress is the most popular. It Read More

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“Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing

  There’s a right way and a wrong way to drive traffic to your CPA promotions through forum interaction. These tips are quite simple, but they basically comprise the “Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing… and – a bonus – they can also be used for any type of traffic generation – not just specifically for your CPA campaigns. Here they are… Thou Shalt: 1. Make sure that what you have Read More

12 Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to build an income stream.Nothings nicer than having a stream of income that arrives monthly with relatively little effort on your part. But not every person who chooses to become an affiliate marketer land up with this desired outcome, so the more you learn the more likely you are to be successful. You need to be good at what you do! I hope the following 12 tips will Read More

FREE SOFTWARE TOOLS for internet marketers & webmasters

FREE SOFTWARE TOOLS for internet marketers & webmasters Download your IM / SEO / Webmaster software tools below : Buy my product YouTube Marketing Domination 0 views 0 sales $0 $4.99   Product Launch 1..2..3 Joint Venture Secrets Podcasting Made Easy My Article Submitter Instant Internet Marketing Articles Instant Affiliate Articles How To Create Your Own eBook Without Writing One Word Download Site Creator Confessions Of A Follow Up Marketing Read More