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“Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing

  There’s a right way and a wrong way to drive traffic to your CPA promotions through forum interaction. These tips are quite simple, but they basically comprise the “Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing… and – a bonus – they can also be used for any type of traffic generation – not just specifically for your CPA campaigns. Here they are… Thou Shalt: 1. Make sure that what you have Read More

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Little-Known CPA Strategy

  You know all about driving traffic to your landing pages by using social networking to spread a buzz on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. But have you ever considered using Facebook for more direct CPA marketing purposes? The truth is, Facebook is one of the most under-used marketing platforms there is, judging by the lack of internet marketer visibility. There is so much more you can use it Read More

CPA Article Marketing

Is It so Different? There are some simple points about article marketing to drive traffic to CPA campaigns that many marketers new to CPA seem to be missing, these days. 1. Write multiple articles (or have them ghost-written for you) – but target them for no more than 3 of your highly-researched, long-tailed keywords. Driving traffic via too many keywords will weaken your effort – best to rank well, through Read More