Las Vegas Hotel Discount – How to find the biggest discount for Las Vegas Hotels from All Websites

Hotel price search engine (Vegas page): 00:27

For Las Vegas Specifically, and greater discount: 02:37

In this video I’m going to show you how to find the biggest las vegas hotel discount for your next vegas trip.

You will learn how to use a easy hotel price search engine to find the best price from all the booking sites like expedia, agora, And we will also introduce a even better place to for booking hotels for Las Vegas only.

First, let me me introduce you the hotel price search engine that we love to use when we try to compare prices from different booking sites.

The url of the search engine is:

You can also click the link in the show note which will direct you to the las vegas page of this hotel prices search engine.

Today is March 8th, 2013, lets assume we are going to vegas from May 4th 2013 and check out on May 6th, and we are going to stay in MGM Las Vegas (here it is, click search)

You can see that the system is gathering price quotes from all different sources. And from this table, we can easily find that if you are looking for a “petite king” room, the best rate on these dates is 459 dollars with (there is actually a 457 dollars with Agoda, which the system is giving your an alert that there may be extra fees evolved.) Anyways, from this table you can easily find the best price for this hotel. Click the “go” button and you will go directly to the lowest price website. This search engine is a time saver for those who want to get the best deals online.

Again, you can visit the hotel price search engine from

You can bookmark this website and use it for comparing price for the hotels all over the world and find best deals.

Next, we are going to introduce a even better website to get hotels deals specifically for las vegas!

The website is

The team behind this website are a team that only focus on las vegas hotels, clubs, shows and restaurants, and they are able to secure exclusive big discounts from the local hotels.

Let’s compare the MGM hotel with the same date.

The quote is $349, which is $110 less (24% OFF) than the best deals from all others booking websites.