Jacob McMillen

10 Copywriting Tips You Think You Know (But You’re So Very Wrong)

]Do you know Copywriting? Think again and read this article from  Content manager  and  Digital Careerist  Jacob McMillen     Copywriting is the focal point of conversion rate optimization. It’s the glue that holds the conversion funnel together.   Without copywriting, your business has… well, nothing. Unfortunately, most people (and dare I say most copywriters) are just awful at writing copy. They can tell you all the right principles and even Read More

Jack Jacker GOLD WP plugin

  How to Instantly Build Content and Authority Short Demonstration of possibilities and features of Jack Jacker Gold WP Plugin made by the creator of the product Brett Rutecky. Jack Jacker Gold WP plugin unlimited is a simple way to share high authority content from high authority sites around the web with your call to action clickable links and banners within the legally jacked website. Special Christmas Promotional Offer! That Read More