Here’s Why Your Facebook Custom Audiences are Failing (And How to Fix Them ASAP)

If you are looking for a diverse online platform that is sure to put your marketing campaigns in front of tons of people, Facebook Ads are the way to go. With countless detailed targeting options and features, you can reach virtually anyone with an ad. The powerful, hyper-specific targeting details are one-of-a-kind. AdWords are great, but they just simply can’t provide some of the benefits that Facebook has. But that also presents Read More

How to Build a Trusted Framework that Expands Your Content Creavity

Psst … hey, Copyblogger is taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s. At least, officially. I’m not supposed to be here at all. But, given that my schedule is always out of whack this time of year, I like to take advantage of the disruptions to think about what I want to make Read More… The post How to Build a Trusted Framework that Expands Your Content Creavity Read More

How to Pick the Right Analytics Attribution Model When There’s No Right Answer

Marketers have plenty of options. Actually, marketers might have too many options. Facebook Ads, organic search, AdWords, and content creation are just a few of the tactics at your fingertips. Add in a slice of social media marketing, a dash of sponsorships, and a sprinkle of affiliate partnerships, and that clutter quickly muddies the entire marketing process. With your hand in so many piggy banks, how can you know which Read More

Why I’m Spending $144,000 Doubling Down on Video in 2018 (And Why You Should Too)

Content marketing, mostly by blogging, is the name of the game for bringing in new traffic. It’s the only viable strategy in 2017 to get more inbound visits. But what about 2018? Consumer behavior is constantly shifting in our industry. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. For 2018, I’m placing my bets on video-based content, not typical content marketing pieces like blogs and e-books. Currently, I’m spending $6,000 a year Read More

Why You Should De-Personalize Your Marketing in 2018

Marketers have been thinking about, arguing over, and implementing personalization tactics for the last few years. If you’re like most eager marketers, you’re trying to keep up with the discussion. You are avidly digesting as much of the content as you can. And you’re testing all of the newest tips, tricks, and strategies that come on the scene. But there’s a problem. While some of those tips are good, others Read More