Sleaze, Suckage, SEO … and Savings

Someone must have slipped the team some hot sauce, because it seems we’re all feeling a little spicy. This week features strong points of view and plain-spoken advice. Ever feel a little shy telling people you’re a marketer? Do you worry that what you do seems sleazy to some? While marketers aren’t quite at “politician” Read More… The post Sleaze, Suckage, SEO … and Savings appeared first on Copyblogger. Source Read More

What the SERPs Will Look Like in 2018

Google is constantly updating their algorithms and platform. In fact, Moz found that they make updates to their basic algorithm more than 500 times each year. Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) are changing dramatically. With the constant additions of new features like rich snippets and the knowledge graph, you can expect that Google is heading in a new direction when you least expect it. They want to focus on delivering results fast Read More

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“Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing

  There’s a right way and a wrong way to drive traffic to your CPA promotions through forum interaction. These tips are quite simple, but they basically comprise the “Ten Commandments” of Forum Marketing… and – a bonus – they can also be used for any type of traffic generation – not just specifically for your CPA campaigns. Here they are… Thou Shalt: 1. Make sure that what you have Read More

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Little-Known CPA Strategy

  You know all about driving traffic to your landing pages by using social networking to spread a buzz on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. But have you ever considered using Facebook for more direct CPA marketing purposes? The truth is, Facebook is one of the most under-used marketing platforms there is, judging by the lack of internet marketer visibility. There is so much more you can use it Read More

Is CPA Marketing Unethical?

Once in a while, we read some comment on a blog that leaves us with the feeling that CPA marketing is sleazy or shady. It’s implicit everywhere – in forum comments, blog posts and even top marketers themselves will drop the occasional negative comment that sticks to your throat like cold chicken originally fried in too much grease. It’s a serious question, that deserves some serious consideration. Especially if you’re Read More