How to Create a Customer Journey Map That Converts

What strategy is your company using to improve the customer experience? Hopefully, you’re taking multiple approaches to enhance your customer service department. Here’s the trick. Are you looking at the customer experience strategy from an internal company viewpoint? Or are you trying to see the customer’s perspective? Journey maps help you get inside the mind of today’s customer. That’s why these tools are super effective and can ultimately boost your Read More

How to Make a Living as a Writer When Creative Writing Isn’t Paying the Bills

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Growing up, I filled journals with poetry, drawings, and stories. I studied playwriting and performance in graduate school. The thought of running a business or putting a price tag on my creativity was icky. Then real life happened. Newsflash: landlords don’t accept poetry for rent. For a Read More… The post How to Make a Living as a Writer When Creative Writing Read More

Show, Don’t Tell: The Surprising Secret to Creating Content that Finally Converts

Getting traffic to your content is one thing. But getting people to stick around, actually read it, and then finally convert is almost impossible now. Creating content that resonates with your audience is something that is preached daily. But what does that really mean? What kind of content do people want to read and how on Earth are you supposed to know? Finding that elusive hook or angle can give Read More

How to Grow Your Email List as an Ecommerce Brand (A Beginner’s Guide)

It’s important you recognize the significance of your email marketing strategy. It’s an essential method of communication with your ecommerce customers. Email will probably be your most profitable channel if you nurture it right. Don’t believe me? Activewear brand Rone is able to generate $80,000 in sales during product launch purely from its email list. But before you can start sending out emails, you need to build your list. Not Read More