Should You Waste Time and Money on Nofollow Links? Here’s a Final Answer

It can get frustrating when you’re spending time and dumping money into link building for SEO. Within a few days, nothing happens. But that’s expected. Then, after a few weeks, months, and even years, still nothing happens. What gives? Eventually, you come to find out that all of the backlinks you spent so much time and money building were nofollow links. And because of that, none of the links matter. Read More

Boost Your Search Engine Visibility with Our Free ‘Smart SEO Steps’ Ebook

As you develop your traffic and conversion strategies this year, knowing how to appeal to your human audience while optimizing for search is vital. Luckily, Rainmaker Digital CFO Sean Jackson wrote an excellent free guide that you can download right now — and you don’t even have to enter your email address. There’s no silver Read More… The post Boost Your Search Engine Visibility with Our Free ‘Smart SEO Steps’ Read More

How to Increase Revenue by Targeting Impulse Buyers

Every consumer is different. Some people like to shop online, and other people prefer shopping in stores. There are customers who spend days or even weeks researching a product before making a purchase, while others buy something without any prior intention at all. This is called an impulse purchase. Believe it or not, more people are guilty of this than you would think. Have you ever bought something impulsively? I’m Read More

How to Make Content Go Viral with These 6 Earned, Owned, and Paid Hacks

  What if you could choose to make your content go viral? What if you didn’t have to leave your content’s success up to chance? It’s the dream of every content marketer. You want to create content, promote it, and see it thrive with remarkable success. You want to reach new audiences and sell more products. You want to drive traffic, leads, and conversions. You want your content to be Read More