10 AdWords Extensions You Should be Using (But Probably Aren’t)

So, you’re running an AdWords campaign. And your results are varied at best. One day, your PPC efforts might bring in a decent chunk of leads, but another day it falls dormant. What gives? Why is it working one day and not another? Well, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to your successful or flailing AdWords campaign. I want to talk about one of the ways that you can Read More

How to Get Your Slice of the $46 Billion Online Course Pie

Driving traffic and converting that traffic into leads is tough. Brand-awareness ads on Facebook are great as a first step in the process. But what’s your next step? Typical lead magnets like e-books and whitepapers aren’t performing as well anymore. Why? They aren’t interactive or engaging. It can take hours on end to read them and extract actionable data from them. Plus, they’re all too common now. As Andrew Chen has Read More

50 Things You’ll Enjoy Reading over Christmas Break

Today, as the team gets ready to take a few days off for the holiday, we’ve put together a massive buffet of marketing, writing, and strategy advice for you. Monday’s post put the spotlight on our editorial team’s favorite writing, content, and marketing blogs. (As well as one that’s an example of a creator who’s Read More… The post 50 Things You’ll Enjoy Reading over Christmas Break appeared first on Read More

How to Boost Conversions by Tastefully Implementing Scarcity Tactics

Increasing conversion rates is essential for every business. Even if your current numbers are satisfactory, there’s always room for improvement. The problem I see is that too many companies are using the same old and boring strategies. Those methods get stale fast, and they don’t entice your customers to change their behaviors. Implementing scarcity tactics is a viable way to boost conversions, increasing sales. The best part is you can Read More

Private Blog Networks: A Penalty Waiting to Happen or Your Next Best SEO Hack?

One of your marketing pals told you about private blog networks, huh? And you’re either convinced, intrigued, or hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. That’s why you’re here. You want to determine for yourself whether PBNs are a legit strategy that might be the answer to your organic search woes or if they’re just another scam. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is more complex than meets the eye. I Read More