How to Use Visual Elements to Enhance Your Blog Post’s Engagement

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is an ageless English adage I’m sure you’ve heard countless times throughout your life. It’s a simple concept. In short, it means that it’s easier to show someone something than to tell them about it. But are you applying this strategy to your blog posts? Blogging is a science. There are lots of tips and tricks you can learn to engage with Read More

How to Guide People’s Emotions to Drive Sales

Successful marketers know how to go the extra mile when promoting their brands, products, and services. You need to understand what role psychology plays in the buying process. For example, different color schemes can impact sales on your website. Those of you who want to take your marketing strategy to the next level need to understand the way your customers think. Use this information to your advantage. People behave a certain Read More

Stop Losing Sales with These 8 Persuasive Web Design Principles

How do you convince a person to do something? When you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone, you know how to persuade them. But you don’t have the same luxury of conversation when you’re dealing with visitors to your website. Fortunately, you can utilize online persuasive tactics to close sales and improve your conversion rates. Many of these factors have to do with the design of your website. The way Read More

How to Use the Google Analytics New Custom Audience Report For Better Remarketing

On most sites, over 90% of visitors leave without converting. That’s an estimate for all traffic to your site. As bad as that might sound, the numbers are even worse for first-time visitors. You can expect that only 2% of your site’s visitors will convert on their first visit. Regardless of what your goals are for your website, these statistics are a bit depressing. It might be enough to lead you to despair. Read More