How I Boosted My Rankings Without Creating Content or Building Links

I know what you are thinking, this isn’t impossible. Because the more content you have and the more links you have, the higher your rankings will be. Although that is true, it doesn’t mean that content marketing and link building are the only ways to increase your rankings. It doesn’t matter what update Google rolls out, I’ve found that there are a few hacks that consistently work to boost your Read More

Why ‘You’re Not Your Audience’ Isn’t Always Great Advice

If there were such a thing as the Ten Commandments of Marketing, “You are not your audience” would likely make the top five. And for good reason: Generally, it’s solid advice. “You are not your audience” reminds us to question assumptions and never stop learning about the people we aim to persuade. But I have Read More… The post Why ‘You’re Not Your Audience’ Isn’t Always Great Advice appeared first Read More

How to Promote Your Local Business with These 15 Marketing Strategies

To survive, local businesses need to learn how to adapt to the modern way of marketing. If you are seeing a plateau or decline in sales, it’s time for you to mix up your marketing strategy. Even if your small business is profitable right now, you need to stay ahead of your competition to remain successful in the future. Analyze the latest marketing trends. Recognize the consumer buying behavior. Learn how Read More

10 Modern Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs

Traditionally, proofreading is a separate task from editing. And I still treat the two as different activities. However, the creative benefits of a consistent proofreading process surpass the classic definition of proofreading. Modern content marketers can take advantage of proofreading to avoid the all-too-common extremes of caring too little or too much about your content. Read More… The post 10 Modern Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs appeared first Read More