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You Have So Much To Gain ... And Nothing To Lose!
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  Favorites Flusher Software  

Software Title:

Favorites Flusher

Brief Description:

Favorites Flusher is a ultra handy, time saving tool that helps you go through your bookmarks to see if they are still valid. At the click of a button it'll scan your Favorites folder, identify all of the links you've created and allows you to removes any you wish just by ticking the box.


Favorites Flusher will also go online and individually checks each link to see if the page is still available!

If your Favorites folder has become to big to manage and it's full of sites you simply don't visit anymore the Favorites Flusher is just the program you've been looking for.

This software program comes complete with Resale Rights.

Payment Details
Price Only 9.97  USD

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  Links and Offers  

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