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Reverse Menopause

  • Discover on page 5, the one thing you can do today to ward off menopausal symptoms.
  • And on page 8, tip #5, you’ll learn about the one thing to eat to reduce menopausal effects by 50%
  • And much much more….



Flat Tummy Secrets Revealed

Have you noticed that as you get older, you’re finding it harder and harder to keep the weight off, especially in the “problem” areas, like your thighs, waist and the “jiggle” area under your arms?

 Are you coming closer to a point where you’ve just had “enough” with your slowing metabolism and unsexy flabbiness?

If so, then there isn’t a better place in the world you could be than reading this short letter I’ve made for you here!


The True Story: How I Discovered These Fat-Burning Secrets Just For Women Over 40.


See, after I figured all of this out, I knew we needed a solution where we could increase our lean muscle tissue, keep our metabolism’s going way past 40 and not gain any bulky muscle. So I dived into the research…I went through books, articles, journals and even scientific studies for months on end and started to compile all the possible solutions the research pointed to.

And once I had those in hand, I began to test out all of these ideas on all of my personal training clients who pay upwards of $200/hour here in Calgary to work with me (this was perfect because all of my clients are great, incredible women over 40!).

At first, some of the things I was trying didn’t work out like I’d hoped. My clients were getting good results and losing some body-fat but I knew we could do better…

So I changed just a couple things around on a hunch and.. the results were almost immediate!

Women who had dealt with a growing waist line for years all of the sudden saw their waist shrinking in just a few, short weeks.

Other girls who had always found their arms to be their “weak spot” were wearing sleeveless tops with smiling confidence and they all were firming their thighs and tightening up their glutes with these specially designed workouts I had introduced.

Now what these women didn’t know was that all of their amazing results were mostly because they had finally sped up their metabolism by increasing their lean muscle tissue, but they had done it a very special way that didn’t make their muscles bulky or bigger — it just made them more toned and in the perfect position to speed up their metabolism.

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Female Fat Loss Over Forty