2206 meet our april 2017 cover model torrie wilson

Meet our April 2017 cover model Torrie Wilson
We chat to athlete, model and entrepreneur Torrie Wilson as she graces the cover of the April 2017 edition of Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

Meet our April 2017 cover model Torrie Wilson – Women’s Health and Fitness magazine

On the relationship with food

I spent many years trying to avoid food and trying all sorts of diets. Once I began a healthy relationship I got leaner than ever. Funny how that works.

On eating for pleasure

It’s great to enjoy your food, but once eating becomes an outlet we enter the danger zone. When I have a craving, I don’t deny myself because I eat healthy all the time and know that I will feel usually satisfied with just a little bit of it anyway. It’s when we eat the whole box of something that we get into trouble. It’s actually possible to make yummy healthy food too!

On fitness fuel

Eating a healthy diet gives me the energy I need for workouts, which is the best reason to eat clean on a daily basis. If I have a sluggish day, because we all do, I am not afraid to have some coffee before a workout! On occasion, I will drink a half serving of a pre-workout formula, but I try not to make that a daily habit. I feel like once we get into the rut of taking a bunch of caffeine and such to workout, it becomes a snowball effect and eventually we are running for Red Bull twice a day. I know this because I have definitely had phases where that happened!

On cheat meals

I don’t really do cheat meals or days. If I want something I have it. Doing it this way, I can usually have a few bites of something and be over it. I have learned to listen to my body and definitely believe in enjoying life. Eat healthy most of the time and don’t go crazy when you have something considered a “cheat”. And never beat yourself up over it; that just creates a weird relationship with food.

On favourite foods

I love eggs. I eat the same thing most mornings: two eggs over-easy on toast. I’m also obsessed with Mexican food. Usually if I have it, I just make sure I order a lot of healthy protein with that yummy tamale and mostly fill up on that first.

On nutrition mistakes

This list could go on forever! Doing the no-carb diet was horrible for me! I know it’s great for some people, but my body needs carbs. I had so little energy that I walked around all day with my eyes half closed as if I had narcolepsy. The biggest mistake is probably trying to starve yourself in desperation to lose weight. It slows metabolism to nothing and your body eats hard-earned calorie-burning muscle. I’ve done that too. Not pretty.

On food epiphanies

It’s not our enemy! Eating healthy does not have to be boring at all, and the more you try to avoid something, the more energy you give it and the more you want it. It’s not easy, but once you get to that healthy place it all makes sense.

On fitness

Working out makes me happy. I love a good sweat and feeling accomplished after a great sweat session. It’s fun to push myself and set new goals and I am definitely in my element when I am pushing through a great workout. I love HIIT workouts using weights and bodyweight and I love making up my own (and sharing them on torriewilsonfit.com). I also do love cardio. I use it as my time to brainstorm ideas as the blood is flowing.

On intimacy

We all need love, not just from a romantic relationship. Love comes in many forms. The fast pace of this world and the social media frenzy has taken a toll on intimacy these days and I think it’s important that we all make a big effort to remember to be in this moment with people we care about. Happiness stems from a lot of things on the inside, but a big key is surrounding yourself with genuine people that care about you.

On passion

It’s important to feel passionate about something. That something may change often and that’s just fine. Just make sure there is something that lights your fire and gets you excited about life. Something to look forward to. If you don’t have something to be passionate about, I suggest you start by being curious. Checkout things that you never thought about…take classes just to learn something new. Maybe something you never thought twice about will end up lighting your fire.

On beauty and self-care

It’s important to take care of yourself and feel good. God gave you this amazing gift of a body and taking care of it is your responsibility. If you feel good, it carries out into pretty much every aspect of your life. If you feel crappy, it also carries out into pretty much every aspect of your life as well. But beauty is not everything and looks fade. I make a point of remembering that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. I’ve met some of the most gorgeous-looking people who are so ugly on the inside that it makes the whole package ugly.

On balance

Balancing everything in our lives can be downright difficult, but I always look at like this; if you don’t find a healthy balance, eventually an outside force is going to do it for you. That outside force can often be in the form of something negative like illness. Find a way now or regret it later.

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2219 walk all over breast cancer at the 2017 mother s day classic

Walk all over breast cancer at the 2017 Mother’s Day Classic
Get your team together to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation at this year’s Mother’s Day Classic.

Walk all over breast cancer at the 2017 Mother’s Day Classic – Women’s Health and Fitness magazine

This year, the Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic (MDC) is celebrating 20 incredible years of fundraising and raising awareness for breast cancer research and it’s time to get your team together for yet another fun walk/run.

As the major fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the MDC has contributed more than $30 million to breast cancer research with more than 1.1 million people walking and running more than 6.5 million kilometres.

On Sunday May 14 2017, more than 105,000 Australians in more than 100 locations around the country will come together for the next MDC classic, united by a common goal.

For MDC regional event manager Allison Hunter, who has staged the Kalgoorlie-Boulder MDC, her passion goes beyond her personal connection to the cause.

“I have close friends who have had breast cancer and the MDC for them is a day where they feel part of the community,” she said. “To see the support of the community on the day, to see everyone in pink, even the guys, on Mother’s Day is amazing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Following her incredible work, her efforts and contributions to the community were recognised this year when she received the citizen of the year award.

“A close friend who is there to support in both parkrun and MDC Grant Wholey put my name forward for the award, I was quite surprised to win it. I was a bit lost for words because I feel like I just do the best for our community,” she said. “It really is an honour to receive the award, and it shows that if you feel your community is in need of events then follow your heart.”

Registrations are OPEN NOW.

Ways you can help:

Put together a team – http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/teams/about-teams/become-a-teamcaptain/
Fundraise – http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/fundraise/about-fundraising/
Volunteer – http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/volunteer/volunteer-now/volunteer-roles/
Start a local event – http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/event-info/start-your-own-mdc-event/
MDC fun facts

In 1998 the first event attracted 2500 people, by 2014 that number had hit 135,000.
The 2016 event attracted 108,000, who walked and ran in 97 locations.
Oldest competitors in 2016 – A 96-year- old lady named Jean from Sydney
In 2016, MDC participants walk or ran a combined 473,772km on Mother’s Day.
Largest amount raised by a single fundraiser in 2016 – $20,124
The MDC is proudly sponsored by ME Bank.

Stay up to date with all the action on the MDC Facebook page.

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2230 health and fitness talk with cover model jenna douros

Health and fitness talk with cover model Jenna Douros
Known for her child-like energy and athletic training style, Jenna Douros is taking the fitness world by storm. We caught up with our May 2017 cover model to talk about health, fitness, and inspiration.

Health and fitness talk with cover model Jenna Douros – Women’s Health and Fitness magazine

I have never been one to sit still. When I was younger, I always excelled in physical activity – from rollerblading, gymnastics and athletics, to making obstacle courses in my backyard.

I feel I have progressively put my stamp on the health and fitness industry over the past seven years by showcasing my authentic personality and sharing my passion with my community daily. My fitness career has taken me places I never thought it could: I have trained with and interviewed a number of celebrity fitness professionals from around the globe, I’ve travelled and trained, made an impact on so many people’s lives and I’ve represented some of the world’s most reputable brands and companies. It still completely blows my mind.


Most recently, I have joined Reebok as a Reebok Athlete. As a company that has partnered with some of the world’s most talented athletes and celebrities, I’m so humbled to play a role in the direction and influence of such a reputable brand. For me, representing the brands I endorse is far more than just an opportunity to showcase my unique, diverse and versatile style of training; it’s an opportunity to promote health and wellness to the world. I love pushing people to find their true potential, break boundaries and find their inner strength.


My global influence helps me to espouse a healthy lifestyle using my own everyday experiences and habits. I created my online community ‘Jenna Douros – Lift Into Life’ to help women find ways to challenge themselves daily, and boost their health, confidence, wellbeing, self-worth and values. As the Lift into Life community has grown, more and more males have been jumping on board. It warms my heart to know that I have been able to have an impact on people’s lives, through encouraging movement.


I always remain true to my core values and beliefs. I’m an energetic and expressive character, with a wild imagination when it comes to fitness. I’m independent, individualistic, original and innovative. I’m determined, goal-oriented and a challenge junkie. I am a sucker for punishment and love throwing myself into situations that will put my capabilities to the ultimate test.


When my husband asks me what I want for dinner, I answer with “a big bowl of Sultana Bran”!


The female body is a beautiful thing that comes in all shapes and sizes driven by an array of goals and circumstances. Most women feel some kind of pressure during their lives to look a particular way, whether that be driven by celebrities, peer pressure, unacceptable comments, bullying, compliments or health. I have felt all those pressures, but now what I do is for me. I make sure I look after myself both physically and mentally, and I love women who carry themselves with pride and confidence.


First, set the goal – be specific, clear and detailed. Next, mentally prepare yourself. Maintain a positive mental (and emotional) relationship with what you are aiming to achieve; visualise your goal – feel it, see it, love it and believe it; create a Wish Wall with images relating to your goal so it’s often in view.

Check out our full cover model Q&A in the May 2017 edition of Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

Facebook/YouTube: Jenna Douros – Lift Into Life

Instagram/Twitter: @jennadouros

Photography: Tina Nikolovski

MUA: Jolina O’Hair // @Jolina.OHair.MUA

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2270 a day in the life of cover model alexia clark

A day in the life of cover model Alexia Clark

A day in the life of cover model Alexia Clark

With a passion for helping others to live a healthy life (and not being afraid to admit she enjoys indulging in a sweet treat from time-to-time), the wonderfully raw and honest Alexia Clark

WH&F about her training and fit lifestyle.


I typically train full body every day but with a focus on one particular muscle group. My schedule varies from week-to-week.


I eat loads of vegies, healthy carbs and protein. And if I’m treating myself to a sweet treat, it’s dark chocolate.

My favourite ‘cheat’ meal is Halo Top ice-cream!


I typically wake up between 4am and 4:30am. I attend to emails and spend time with my dogs.

I train clients in the morning and get my own training in after that.

Once I’m done with my workout, I spend time working on new creative exercises to share on social media.

The rest of the day varies – from filming content and answering emails, to training clients and cooking with friends.


Fitness has been a huge stress reliever for me. I think more clearly and come up with my best ideas when I’m working out.

Website: alexia-clark.com

Instagram: @alexia_clark

Facebook: facebook.com/alexiafitness1

Photography: James Patrick // jamespatrick.com

Read her full cover model Q&A in the July 2017 edition of Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

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Cover Model Q.A. Lilian Dikmans

Cover model Q&A: Lilian Dikmans

Cover model Q&A: Lilian Dickmans
Lawyer turned fitness model, pro Muay Thai fighter and trainer, Lilian Dikmans knows a thing or two about pushing the limits and creating her own version of success. We caught up with our August 2017 cover model to find out what makes her tick.


I usually train myself four to five times a week. I do a mixture of muay Thai, boxing, functional conditioning exercises, and some Pilates and yoga when I can fit it in. If I have a fight coming up, training increases to six days a week, sometimes twice a day.


I personally don’t count calories or macros. I just try to eat the most nutrient-dense foods and listen to what my body needs. I try to eat some form of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal because I find this is what keeps me satisfied, and I will increase my carbohydrates around training. My favourite treat meal is anything choc-mint.


My days are always quite a mix. I might be on a shoot, at my computer creating content for my blog, teaching at Tribute Boxing or training myself – sometimes all of these in one day! But I love the variety. It keeps me on my toes.


To relax and relieve stress I just laugh. I don’t like to take my life or self too seriously.

Grab the August 2017 edition for her full cover model story.

Website: rfhb.com.au

Instagram: @liliandikmans

Facebook: facebook.com/realfoodhealthybody

Photographer: Samuel Costin // samuelcostin.com // @samuel_costin

MUA: Kate Radford // kateradford.com // @kateradfordmua

Wearing: Lululemon

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How To Improve Your Performance With Visualisation

How to improve your performance with visualisation

How to improve your performance with visualisation
We take a look at how visualisation can improve your performance when it comes to training.

One trip to your local gym and you will probably spot a lycra-clad fit-girl standing at her barbell in deadlift position – but without actually lifting the bar. Chances are she’s not absentmindedly staring into space but instead using cognitive strategies to psych herself up pre-lift, resulting in bigger and better PBs.

The science

Psyching yourself up has been shown to improve performance while training, and involves using all of your senses to create a mental picture of the task you are about to perform. This is backed by a recent literature review published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine which concluded that mental imagery was effective in improving tasks that required strength.

The thought

“There are many mental cues you can use to assist with getting into a positive mindset to perform a task. Psyching yourself up can be done through guided imagery, words of positivity, images, phrases, visualisation and more,” says exercise sport scientist, nutritionist and coach Alice Round.

“If the correct mental imagery is employed it helps to clear the mind and to have a better understanding of the task, which will help to focus on the task at hand and improve confidence. The key is to ensure the mental imagery supports the goal and outcome in a positive and realistic way.”

Using such strategies might not work in every scenario but can be adapted to suit your individual situation and the training you are employing. For example, Round recommends utilising mental imagery if you are going for a new one rep max (1RM) or rep PB at the gym. This might involve focusing on the outcomes and thinking about the positive emotions that come with success.

If you’re a sprinter, the mental imagery might be a little different. “I’d advise the athlete to mentally run through the perfect race in their mind before stepping onto the track; imagine the perfect explosive start, complete power, then charging through the finish line in first place,” says Round.

That said, as the great Jim Carey once told Oprah, you can’t just visualise and then go and eat a sandwich – obviously there’s hard work still to be done.

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