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CPA Article Marketing - Is It so Different?

There are some simple points about article marketing to drive traffic to CPA

campaigns that many marketers new to CPA seem to be missing, these days.

1. Write multiple articles (or have them ghost-written for you) - but target them for

no more than 3 of your highly-researched, long-tailed keywords.  Driving traffic via

too many keywords will weaken your effort - best to rank well, through all your

article directory backlinks, for the same 1-3 (I prefer just one perfect long-tail,


2. Make sure your multiple articles all point to your main, optimized domain. For that

reason alone, choose a targeted but more generic domain name, since your

campaigns will change. (If you get too specific, and a campaign ends, and the only

similar campaign you can find for your "" domain is a "making

your own natural organic toothpaste" campaign, you'll have to start all over again

with a new domain. A more generic but still targeted keyword might be something

like "".)

3. Make sure your article topic is highly relevant to your advertiser's product. (I

hope I don't have to mention, make sure the content is really valuable and unique,


4. Focus your CPA article marketing on your strongest and best-converting CPA

campaigns first!  It's better to put all your eggs in that basket, in this particular

instance. Don't dilute your efforts and knock yourself out by trying to write articles

for too many campaigns at once.

5. As with regular article marketing, make particularly sure your main keyword is in

your article title - but don't make this a token effort. Your main goal with article

title is to grab the reader's eyeballs and squeeze them.  (Put less graphically, you're

catching their attention and promising there's something in the article specifically

for them - and that doesn't matter whether it's really valuable information or merely

entertainment: You're still promising to deliver.

(Remember, if your title bores the socks of you, what is it going to do to your

potential readers?)

6. Remember that your Resource Box (the "about me" stuff at the end of your

submitted article) is your most crucial tool for converting a reader into someone

who clicks through to your landing page or site!  Don't just add the link to your page

as an afterthought. Put as much thought (if not more) into your resource box as

you would into the article content itself!

A great Resource box should:

- Not stick out like a swollen thumb: It should seem like the most natural

continuation of your article
- Contain a clear and specific "call to action".  E. G. "Find out 6 more ways to make

your CPA articles work at my website:" - followed by your link, formatted in the

exact way specified by your article directory.  (And do check the guidelines - many

of them have different rules and regulations!)
- Focus on the reader and his most burning needs - not on you and your


Well, there you have it:  6 tips that can turn your CPA article marketing efforts into

highly effective lasers for traffic generation!

Properly done, CPA article marketing can be one of your best sources of targeted,

well-optimized traffic - and if you're a beginner, without the budget for PPC, it's a

perfect substitute and place to start! 

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