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It's true that certain campaigns bring bigger and better results than others - but there's one other type of offer many new CPA marketers automatically overlook. And for a very good reason. Many new CPA marketers have been told - and quite correctly - that new offers are unproven offers, with no 
guarantee of result.

However, there is one method you can use, when deciding whether or not to pick up a new campaign. And one strong, compelling reason why you should.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Brand New Offers

If you get it right, and pick a brand new offer that is the next best trend or hot topic, you'll take full advantage of the fact that the first CPA affiliates to present a brand new campaign are the ones who make the most cash!

The trick is... how do you know which one will be a winner?

It's true that when you've been in the CPA game a while, you will develop quite a finely-tuned instinct. But until then, there's one often-successful strategy you can use - one top CPA marketers use all the time...

...Pick "hot topic" offers - the ones cashing in on the media explosion of the moment.

For example, when Michael Jackson died, the media could talk of nothing else but several days. The Twitter hash tag was in constant play. Callous though it sounds to say it, what do you want to bet that CPA offers related to Michael Jackson memorabilia would have gone through the roof, those first few days (and possibly even weeks). You can bet a lot of experienced CPA marketers made good money - especially if they found a strong Cost-Per-Acquisition type of CPA campaign, meaning a commission paid not only on leads generated, but on actual sales, too.

How to Pick the Winners

Your odds of picking hot new trending topic campaigns is actually far greater than winning the lottery... providing you engage in two new habits, and faithfully make them part of your daily routine:

1. Think like a hungry reporter: Stay on top of hot topics. Set up Google News Alerts. Check the news daily - and keep your eye on social networks to see what's swelling into the latest buzz

2. Get in to the habit of checking the offers in your CPA network database daily.  (Combine it with tracking your profits, losses and stats.)  Do this, and you'll be the first whose eyes fall on a hot new prospective campaign. You  can have a minisite, blog or Squidoo page set up faster than the average marketer can say "affiliate niche".  (Well, okay; maybe not quite that fast - but you get my point!)

One more tip:  Drive traffic quickly to them with a PPC ad campaign.  Of course, there's no guarantee that these brand new offers will convert, let alone become the latest crackerjack seller - but just think how much money you can actually make, if they do, and you're at the front of the crowd!

Once in a while, don't play it safe - go with your hunches, and try this strategy out.  And don't forget to track it -  daily.

That way, you can pull it from circulation, if it turns out to be a dud - and you will have gained hands-on experience 
that will help you do better on the next brand new CPA "hot"  offer.

Look for Topical offers - like Burger King and their movie release products

React quickly to new offer for maximum earnings - if you're the first especially presenting a topical offering - you 
can make the most money
The one getting the offer out first makes the most money

Remove expired ones quickly

Test & track to find out what offers are making you money

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