Hi, my name is Alex  and this is my website about Online Marketing. This is a project that I have started about one year ago, with absolutely no knowledge about anything related to marketing, the Internet, how to make websites, building an email list or whatsoever. I’ve learned a lot since my first sleepless night in front of the computer, but as honest person, I will tell you that I am far, far away  from what is called “Succesful Internet Marketer” But I have learned some important thing-Be yourself

  • -Be honest
  • -Don’t give up
  • -Help every time you can
  • -Share.

So, to make a long story short – here you will find a lot of guides, freebies, reports, software, plugins, etc. related to Internet Marketing , targeting ‘”How to make money online ” niche.  Most of them are free but of course (relating the rule “do not give up”) there will be some promotions for paid products too. That’s all that I (and Google Translator) can say. 🙂 I will be happy if you find something helpful within my chaotic pages, be healthy and enjoy life ! Cheers !

Alex a.k.a. Wicked Baron

Sofia/Bulgaria/Eastern Europe/Earth

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